What is humility??

I believe humility is a very misunderstood trait.  Think about it.  When you think of humility what comes to mind?

Weakness, insecurity, or one who is easily taken advantage of?

My Bible defines humility as “the absence of pride”.  And it defines pride as “the attitude that one is better than others”.

Pride looks at people and thinks they should do better.  Pride talks about people critically, gossipy, and negatively.  Humility looks at people and prays for them.  Humility reminds us that we all have faults and things we need to overcome.

Pride is always showing off.  Bragging and boasting with no concern about the impact it has on others.  Humility is thankful for how far one has come.  Thinking about ways to encourage others and help them move along in life.

Pride lies.  Why?  Because pride is always thinking about how they ‘appear’ to others.  “What would they think of me if they knew that?”  “Oh, I could never share that.”  So, pride causes people to fabricate and exaggerate to ensure they look good.  Humility knows that we all have done things we’re not proud of.  Humility reminds us to not think to highly of ourselves.

Jesus is a perfect example of humility.  He came to Earth holding all power, yet he wasn’t boastful.  He was born in a manger, dressed simply, associated with those of low social standing, and saw through those who ‘appeared’ to have it all together.

Humility brings freedom, ease, and authenticity.  Don’t mistake it or avoid it.  Embrace humility.

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