Be Adaptable

Our success in life depends on our ability to be adaptable.  Life is full of changes so we must learn to be adaptable in order to keep up and keep our sanity.

We enter relationships, we end relationships.  We gain money, we lose money.  We’re promoted, we’re demoted. We laugh, we cry.  We’re loved, we’re hated.  Get the point?

There’s always something new to deal with.  A new experience, a new situation, and even new sorrows.  We have to get to the point of expecting change.  We have to keep proper perspective with everything.

At times our budgets may be extremely tight but we still need to be happy.  Things will get better and when they do we have to adjust our mindsets.  Or at times we may be single and alone, but we have to remind ourselves that it won’t always be that way.  Again we must stay ready to adapt.

To adapt means to change your behavior so that it is easier to live in a particular place or situation.  It also means to change so that something functions better.

When life changes we must also adapt so we can keep up.  We have to adapt so that we can succeed and move forward.  We have to adapt so we can grow.  Basically, if we’re not adapting we’re staying the same and nothing is healthy without growth.

Are you adapting or are you holding on to the past?  Are you adapting or are you staying stuck in your ways.  Neither are healthy.

Move forward in life.  Be adaptable.

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