Excuses Excuse You From Success

There are many things we can do to live more successful lives, and there are also many things we can do that will prevent us from ever reaching success.  One sure thing to keep us from reaching success?  EXCUSES.

Excuses prevent us from growing because instead of saying “I did this when I should have done that” we look at everything else but ourselves.  We say things like “If she would have done this” or “I wasn’t encouraged” or “They’re out to get me”.  These things could be true but we get nowhere by focusing on them because we can’t control them.

Instead, we should focus on what we can control: OURSELVES.

When we refuse to make excuses we’re forced to look within.  We look at ourselves and realize where we’re weak.  Refusing to make excuses may make you seem vulnerable, but don’t look at it that way.  We’re all weak in certain areas.  Instead, be proud of yourself for being honest with yourself.  Drop the excuses and face the truth.  Face the issues that may be holding you back.

Most of the time we hold ourselves back.  A lot of the times we get in our own way of living better and doing better.  Excuses serve no good purpose whatsover.

All of us can make excuses.  There’s always someone to point the finger at, but the more you point your finger the less you’re looking at yourself.  We all must look within in order to grow and be better.

Remember, in order to reach success you must grow.  And in order to grow you must be honest with yourself and commit to do better.  

Excuses only mask the real issues.  Don’t give in to them.  You were born to live a successful life and your excuses are holding you back.

Wrote With Love,


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