Avoid Drama

Drama is draining, unproductive, depressing, and truly not worthy of our attention.  Drama sucks our energy until we have none left.  Drama is sneaky in that it will try to sneak into your life through any person or any situation.

Drama attempts to get us all, but it’s not successful with everybody. Drama successfully enters our lives when we are not intentional to stop it.  Drama will come in and take over our lives if we allow it- but we don’t have to allow it.

I believe that all of us are faced with potential drama-filled situations, but the key is in how we respond.

Do you constantly explain yourself to people who still fail to understand you?  Do you fight back when people criticize you, your life, or your decisions?  Do you hold on to relationships that bring you more negativity than positivity?

These are questions that we should all ask ourselves.  We have to be intentional about avoiding drama.  We have to stay on guard to protect ourselves from negative, drama-filled situations.

One way to avoid drama is to have priorities for your life.  One of my priorities is peace, so if a person or a situation interferes with my peace then instantly I’m more attentive when dealing with that person or situation.  I’ve gotten to a place to where I spend my time with people that don’t steal my peace.  Why?  Because peace is a priority for my life.  

Having priorities allows us to make difficult decisions.  They may be difficult decisions to make, but if we want to move forward in life then it’ll be worth it.  

The more energy we waste dealing with drama, the less energy we have to do what we’re called to do.  Remember, you were born for a specific reason and if you keep using energy on unworthy causes then you may never figure out what you’re really supposed to be doing with your life….

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