10 Thoughts on Parenting

1. We wish our kids lived in a perfect world, but the world isn’t perfect so we have to teach them to cope in this imperfect world.

2. We must discipline even when it hurts.  And when they cry.  Discipline builds character.

3. We must constantly teach our children; not scream at them.  Many times in stores I oversee parents yelling at their unruly children when it’s evident that they just aren’t taking the time to teach their children.

4. We have to speak positively about our children.  No matter how bad they act we must always let them know that we believe the best and know they will do better.  We shouldn’t label them with negative terms; we should simply address the negative the behavior.

5. We have to listen!  Kids deal with things just like adults.  They have feelings, perspectives, and needs.  We must create a comfortable environment for them to express themselves to us.

6. We must always show love.  No matter how upset they make us, or how much they disappoint us we must still express love to them.  Love will help them through their mess.  Shutting them out and lashing out won’t help the situation.

7. We have to be intentional as parents and not just react to situations.  Sometimes we may need to step away from a situation and simply say “I’m going to think about your consequence.”  We don’t have to reply immediately.  Sometimes we need to put thought into our response.

8. We must pray.  We must pray with our children and for our children.  We must encourage our children to pray with us and even by themselves.  We must demonstrate the importance of prayer to our children.

9. We must be active in our children’s lives.  We should regularly communicate with their teachers, their friend’s parents, and of course our children.  Sometimes I just go into Maraya’s room and lay across her bed and chat with her.  I always ask questions about the school day, lunch time, recess, etc.  I need to know what’s going on!

10. We must encourage our children to learn.  We shouldn’t be so critical to expect perfection from them, but we should encourage them to learn from their mistakes and do better.  


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