Are You Dreaming?

This morning has been extremely peaceful- hot green tea, praise time, quiet time, moments of reflection, and now writing time.  I just glanced at my dream board and was motivated to write.

I created my dream board back in 2011 with 4 big goals.  It’s now 2015 and I’m half way done.  I’ve received my husband and my college degree, now next up is to be debt free and to have our home.  I’m so thankful and so excited.

It’s amazing to me how much we can accomplish by dreaming, working, and believing.  It all starts with the dream.  We have to see it and decide that’s what we want.  Then we have to work!  Dreaming is the easy part, work is where we’re tested!  And we have to always believe.  Believing is also challenging because the majority of the time our situations don’t line up with our dreams.

We have to believe that no matter what we can do it.  As I sit here looking at the dream board I thought about how I was car-less for about 8 months!  I had the faith to keep moving forward though, in spite of.  Also, my dream board only focuses on my associates degree, but I also have my bachelor’s now.  It’s possible to even exceed our own expectations.

Today I’m so far away from where I started and I give God all the praise.  There is only so much that we can do on our own, and I know that I never would’ve made it without Him.  Thank You Lord.

Today I’m resting and reflecting.  Embracing and enjoying.  Realizing that anything is possible with God, and dreams do still come true.

So I ask again: Are You Dreaming?



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