God Doesn’t Move Immediately

I just watched the movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” and I had a realization- God doesn’t move immediately.  It was the scene where Moses and the Israelites were facing the Red Sea.  The water was there, it didn’t move immediately, and Moses began to doubt.

That’s where it hit me- God doesn’t move immediatlely.  Now, I know God could have moved the water immediately.  Shoot, he could’ve even had it already gone by the time they made it to the water but thats not what he chose to do.  Nope, he chose to wait.  He chose to make Moses wait.  He chose to make Moses pray.

We have to apply this to our own lives.  We may be in situations that God could fix immediately, but maybe it wouldn’t make us better people if he fixed it immediately.  Maybe God knows that if he fixed it immediately he would need to fix it again in a month.

I believe that God waits in an attempt to test us.  The waiting period truly separates good people from great people.  The waiting period shows others how we really are.  In the waiting period we truly have an opportunity to show people what we’re made of.

Are you waiting for something right now?  If so don’t get angry or impatient.  Don’t think God isn’t real.  Just know that He may be strengthening your character.  Or your faith.  Or probably both.  Just know that He’s still with you and He’ll never leave you.  Just stick with Him, and believe that He’ll work it all out.

Don’t doubt Him, just know that God doesn’t move immediately.



Note: The scripture reference is Exodus 14:13-28 and the Bible doesn’t indicate the amount of time waiting for God to perform the miracle.  The movie simply inspired me to think about how God doesn’t always fix our problems immediately.

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