Don’t be controlled. Live your life.

I believe that a lot of conflict that we encounter is due to a power struggle.  It’s crazy to me how often people want to control us!  The control may not be over big things, and it may not be forceful, but people try to control us in so many ways.

Honestly, some people are only happy with us if they feel they have a level of control over us.  These are the people that ‘recommend’ things and want you to commit on the spot.  Or, the people that get upset with you if you tell them no.  About anything.

That’s control.

As harsh as it may sound, we should relinquish ourselves from those who try to control us.  People that try to control us may be preventing us from living the blessed life that we should be living.  They may also be forcing us to live the way that they are living.  We shouldn’t be controlled.

No one is perfect, we will always make mistakes, but if I’m going to make a mistake I want it to be MY mistake.  I don’t want to make a mistake doing what someone else has told me to do.  No, let me do this.  If I win, I win.  If I fail, I fail but let me live my life.

We should all take a look at our relationships.  Pray about your relationships and release yourself if you know deep down that you are being controlled.

Be free, do you, live your life.  You only get one chance.  Trust yourself.  We all have to live our own lives.


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