Happy Mother’s Day To Me!

I was just about to fall into a deep sleep when I heard a pitiful “mooommma” from the bathroom.  I walk in and this is what I see.  Immediately I start laughing.  Why?  Because it’s Mother’s Day and I’m caring for a sick kid and cleaning up a bathroom full of thick vomit.

Of course I have compassion on my baby.  I start tending to her needs and she starts apologizing.  I let her know that it is okay!  I then said “Happy Mother’s Day To Me!” and we both laugh.  She knows its all good, and I know thats why I’m here.  To clean up messes and cater to sick kids.  And honestly I enjoy it.  I would want no one else caring for my babies.  They wouldn’t do it like me, anyway.  šŸ™‚

Motherhood is always something that I’ve enjoyed.  Of all the roles that I have, mothering my children tops the list.  I truly want to be the best mom that I can be.  I want to be the best me so they can feel confident emulating me.  I desire to give them an example to emulate.  

Well, I better get to bed because Keziah will be waking up for a bottle in a few hours.  šŸ™‚

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers.  And Happy Mother’s Day to me.


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day To Me!

  1. Isn’t “motherhood” wonderful. And I’m so glad to see how much you are enjoying it — vomit and all!!! There are too many young mothers who are bringing children into this world who just don’t care about being a mother — you can tell by how much attention they pay to their children. I have 3 children: JaMeece is 50, Jeana is 48, and Jimmy is 46. Eight grandchildren: Shayla, 30; Brenna, 22, Taylor & Tyler, 22, Seth, 21, Kia, 19, Madison 19, and K.J., 18. All of them have made me so proud. When my children were small, a lady told me I was a mean mother, but that didn’t keep me from being a disciplinarian. Today I have their respect and so much love. All of my children have degrees. My oldest just finished her MBA at ORU. My second daughter has been teaching school for 27 years, and my son has been working in the California Corrections Department for 20 years! My first four grandchildren have completed college, the oldest has her Masters and a Counselor in one of the Dallas suburb schools. The last four grands are in college — 3 at Oklahoma State and the other is at the University of Kentucky. God has shown my family so much favor. I have to constantly give Him glory, praising and thanking him all through the day.
    I’m telling you all of this because I hope to give encouragement. I divorced my children’s dad when Jimmy was 4 because he was physically abusive. I was a college drop out, so then it was time for me to go back to school — ironically, I was almost 50 when I got my Masters!!!
    My daughters and I are very close; Jimmy and I talk at least once a week. They are very attentive to me. Yes, I had to clean up vomit too — and a little bit more! I’m reminded of a time when my oldest daughter was teething, I was at church, at a Bible Study and had JaMeece in a carrier, not like they have these days, and the carrier was on an old wooden folding chair. And you know what happens when a baby is teething. And back then they didn’t have disposable diapers. One of the ladies was so nice to help me — I will always remember that — how many people will help clean up poop of somebody’s baby?! So, because of that and other people helping me along the way, I try my best to adhere to God’s Word — be a Titus 2 Woman.
    Now that you know the first part of my life —- You’re a very good mother. Don’t let anybody persuade you to go any other way but God’s way. I think a lot of you and Wesley — during the Revival in March, he sat behind me every night. I was wondering, who is this young man who is really into the service and the sermon! I’m a “pushover” for young people in the church — and with his work clothes on too! Oh, I need not tell you, I’m observant!
    Hey, I’ve got work to do — I could go on and on… I love you guys and I’ll always be here for you.
    sista’ sandra

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    1. Sister Sandra. You are blessed! God is with you and I love you and Him so much because I feel love from you. And feeling love from others can be rare nowadays, so I thank you. We thank you. Thanks for sharing your story with me. The testimony is powerful isn’t it and you just reminded me of the message from Sunday. We should be witnessing women, women willing to share our testimony and the good news. Thank you for being a godly, loving example. Appreciate you. We love you. šŸ™‚


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