8 Thank You’s to Jesus

As I ended my day I realized I hadn’t wrote in my personal journal in some time so I pulled it out and just began to write.  I wrote the date, titled it “God Time” (as I regularly do) and I began to write.  I decided I would share this because sometimes we don’t realize the little things that Jesus does for us.

Lord, I thank you for…

1. Everything.  I live a comfortable life.  I’m blessed, and although my life isn’t perfect, I realize the difference that Jesus makes.  My life today is much better than it was 6 years ago, and I’m thankful to Jesus.

2. Being Everything.  Jesus is truly everything to me.  He is the source of everything I have- my strength, my joy, my hope, my peace, He is truly my life.

3. Helping.  Oh my goodness, there are many days when I pray before I get out of bed “Lord give me the strength and energy I need for this day.”  Jesus longs to help us with whatever problems we may face!  I’ve learned that I’m not in control and I’m not meant to handle or fix everything.  Nope.  Now I’m so comfortable asking Jesus for help.  Another example: The other day I was having a not so pleasant conversation and while the other person was speaking I was praying “Lord give me the words to speak”.  I ended the conversation with peace.  I handled it well.

4. Loving.  I believe at one point or another most of us have felt unloved.  This is a terrible feeling and it causes deep hurt within people.  No matter how I feel or how I’m treated I will never question the love that the Lord has for me.  No matter what, I know He loves me.  He loves me so much and the love of Jesus is the start of us truly loving people.  Before I experienced the love of the Lord, all I knew was conditional love.  Jesus loves us all with a strong, unconditional love.  I could never do anything that would cause Jesus to stop loving me.

5. Teaching.  Whoa!  Big one.  I was a big mess before Jesus!  I am so thankful for his teaching and his discipline that comes along with it.  The teaching of Jesus allows us to grow up, mature, and change.  I’m so thankful that the Lord has taught me and changed me.  His teaching has allowed me to develop into a much more decent person.

6. Comforting.  Whenever I feel sad, discouraged, hurt, or any other negative feeling I know exactly where to go.  Jesus has a way of comforting and consoling us.  He is so good that He has a way of making us feel better about ourselves and our situations.  I’m thankful that no matter how I feel I can always go to the Lord for comfort.

7. Leading.  I don’t know everything!  So there are times when I don’t know what my next move is, but guess what?  That’s ok!  I trust the leading of the Lord.  He leads me and guides me.  He leads me even when I don’t know He’s leading me.  Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised with where I’ve ended up.  Thank you for leading me Jesus.

8. Controlling.  I’m not in control, I’m not in control, I’m not in control.  I can say this and have peace.  At one point in my life I felt I had to control everything.  Now I don’t and I’m okay.  I trust the Lord completely and I know that he is in control of everything.


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