5 Thoughts on Relationships

1. First and foremost, relationships require work!  I think my generation understands work when it comes to progressing in life, but we understand this less when it comes to relationships.  Personally, I can speak for myself by saying working on my career or even a college degree comes more naturally than working within a relationship.  We tend to give up on relationships easier than we give up on other things, but we must remember that our relationships are truly more valuable than the things we may acquire.

2. We must take ownership- there is always more than 1 side to an issue.  We have to be mature enough to look at ourselves, admit our wrongs, and commit to change. That simple.  A person gains respect by admitting faults, and it allows the couple to be able to work on the things that need fixing.  Not being able to take ownership will leave the relationship stuck.

3. Forgiveness is a necessity.  No relationship will survive without forgiveness.  No one is perfect so there will be hurt feelings from time to time.  There will be miscommunications, there will be wrongs committed.  Both parties will need forgiveness; we’re only giving what we will need given to us in another situation.  We have to remember that we’re not perfect and our mate has forgiven us for many things, so we must be willing and able to also forgive them.  The relationship won’t survive without forgiveness.

4. Annoyances are to be expected.  I don’t care how much you love a person, they will get on your nerves sometimes!  Ladies, your man will work your nerves just as well as us women will annoy our man.  It’s life.  Our kids get on our nerves and we love them with all of our heart.  Don’t think the world is crashing down because he’s getting on your nerves.  Who hasn’t annoyed you at one point or another?  Just expect annoyances and learn how to deal with them and move on from them effectively.

5. Communication is critical!  This is huge.  The relationship will not survive, grow, and thrive without communication.  Communication can be hard sometimes because we all have different styles.  We express ourselves differently and we have different viewpoints.  A few key points that we all have to remember is to be respectful, really listen, and really think about the impact of the words we speak.

We have to be wise with our words, and we also have to pay attention to how our mate typically communicates.  We have to pay attention to each other so that we can learn how to better relate to each other.  It’s also important to talk about the little things.  Sometimes us women will hold onto things and then throw them up all at once.  This is not fair or effective.  We don’t want to nag, but if something bothers us then we need to speak on it in the right time in the right manner.

As we progress through different stages of life, as well as within our relationships, we should all be learning and growing.  We should always be striving to be better and do better.

I hope this post, as well as my website, encourages you to be a better you.


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