COMMUNICATION: “I don’t want to talk”

As much as I love communicating, there are times when I feel it’s best to say nothing.  Communication has many purposes and some of them include: relating, understanding, or even expressing.  We all need communication in order to be happy, but there are times when I can just do without it.

I remember relationships from my early 20’s when we would yell, fuss, and ‘attempt’ to communicate.  Anger would be present and we may even throw a few things.  This is INEFFECTIVE communication, and now that I’m almost 30 (and a student of communications) I’m finding that something I cannot live without is EFFECTIVE communication.

Honestly, now I can no longer engage in ineffective communication.  It’s so uncomfortable and disturbing that I just shut down.  Is this healthy?  Maybe not, but I’m at least thankful for the progress of not engaging in irrational, crazy communication.

In my opinion, one of the biggest barriers to effective communication is seeing things only one way.  Some people are so stern in their way of seeing, feeling, or even communicating that they are not even open to what anyone else has to say.  They may ‘attempt’ to communicate, but everything from their tone to their body language shows that they are not even the slightest receptive to what another may say; ESPECIALLY if it’s not what they want to hear.

When I sense these behaviors, I don’t want to communicate.  What’s the point?

I’d rather use my energy toward things that I know will bring back positive results.  I’m not fond of wasting energy when I know that there are so many productive things I could be doing vs. speaking and not being heard.


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