Forget That & Get This

Why do we always like to control things?  And force things?  Or even hold on to things that bring us distress?

I think we all do it from time to time, but I’m learning to just let things go as they go.  I’m learning to forget the losses and let go of what was and live in peace with what I have today.

People get mad at us, we take losses, we end relationships.  Our feelings get hurt, we’re mistreated, and even misunderstood.  These are things that we can’t control so we must learn to live with it, and move on.

I’m not saying that we don’t acknowledge our feelings.  We should.  We should talk to someone and acknowledge how we feel.  We should also acknowledge that we will refuse to try and force anything.  We must declare that we will live in peace and move forward with our life.  We have to be intentional about not getting bitter, angry, or even distracted.  No, we must stay focused.

I’m learning that as we learn to forget that we will get this.  God has a way of making all things work for our good as long as we keep our hearts right.  Yes, we have to be careful to not become bitter or angry.  We can’t try to take the matter up in our own hands and give them what they deserve.  No, we have to be bigger and stronger than that.

So no matter what happens or what loss you take, learn to forget that and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll soon get.


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