10 Things I’ll Always Do…

I got this idea from another writer so I decided I’d write my own list.  Here goes…

10 Things I’ll Always Do:

1. Pray.  I’ll always want to revere God above everything and remember that He is all that, not me.

2. Read. I love learning and I’ll always want to read, especially autobiographies and basically anything that’ll help me grow.

3. Be loud. I talk loud, I laugh loud, I’m just loud.  I don’t want to be obnoxious but I do always want to be me and being me is being rather loud.

4. Compliment. I try to be an intentional complimenter (yes I just made this word up).  I recognize the power that they hold and I always want to uplift others.

5. Write. Whether in my journal, for my website, authoring books, or whatever the form I always want to write.

6. Dream. I always want to dream and believe for the next thing.  I don’t want to rush or become unappreciative, but I also never want to become complacent.

7. Help. I always want to help others or be focused on a cause to make the world better.  I want to help make the world better, not contribute to the bad.

8. Smile. Smiling makes us all look more beautiful.  It also makes others smile.  Smiling makes us feel better and it can lighten any mood.  I always want to smile.

9. Wear lip gloss.  Yes, I’m lightening up but goodness moisturized lips are so important!  I vow to always keep my lips moisturized!  Haha!  🙂

10. Be Margo. In a world full of pressures, changes, and demands I always want to stay true to Margo.  It can be very hard to continue to just be ourselves, but that’s what I want to do.

This was pretty fun and inspiring- it really made me think.  I encourage you to write your list too, maybe even share it here.  I believe it will help us all to stay focused on who we really want to be in this life.


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