LOVE: A life partner?

Are you a life partner that someone would desire to have?  Is he someone that would make a suitable life partner?

When we think about love & marriage we have to picture ourselves partnered with someone for as long as we live.  Life has shown us that it can be rough and tough at times, so we have to pick a partner that will be able to walk with us.  We don’t want someone who will leave when times get tough, we want someone that is strong enough to stick around.

A marriage from God is a beautiful, blessed thing but my understanding about marriage is deepening.  We should understand that although we may be blessed with a marriage that we will also have to go through some things.  We should seek a life partner that will be able to strengthen us when we are weak, and encourage us when we feel like stopping.

We have to look for more than just good looks or charming talk, but we have to focus more on the character of our mate. Character will reveal itself in tough times, and character is what you have to deal with in the privacy of your home when no one else is around.  Character is more important than money or cars.

So as we date, build relationships, and look forward to marriage we should always be thinking “Would he make a good life partner?”  or even ask yourself “Am I the type of person that someone would look forward to spending their life with?”

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves before we get to the big question.


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