Hard Times Are Humanizing

How unfulfilling would it be to look back over our lives and see that everything was easy? Or that everything was handed to us?

We’d all like to think we’d enjoy it, and we probably would, but it would bring little pride and satisfaction. We probably wouldn’t be very strong.

It’s humanizing and beneficial to be able to look back and see the hard things we’ve overcome. Those situations we were in that hurt like heck, but we made it through. I’m sure we’ll see times when we thought we’d never make it, but we did.

The hard times make us more human, understanding, and compassionate. Our hearts are softened and we feel blessed for the many things that we have. And the lessons we learned along the way.

I pray that we all progress through life so we’re able to look back and see how we’ve changed. And how our lives have changed. Hard times shouldn’t stick around forever.

We should all grow and move into a place in life where we look back and just feel grateful. Grateful to have made it through, grateful for what we have, and yes we should be grateful for the hard times. They humanized us.


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