Don’t Listen To Negativity

If we’re not careful, people will talk us right out of our dreams. So often people will tell us what we can’t do vs. what God told us we can do. People can be quick to point out all the potential negative outcomes compared to the positive possibilities.

We have to know for ourselves what it is that we should be doing. We have to get with God and then go out and do what He has said. We have to be able to re-direct those conversations when people try to direct us down into a pit.

People will often try and run our lives! They may try and tell us what we should do based on how they live their lives. But we have to ask ourselves “Do we want to live our own lives or someone else’s life?”

If we are going to live our dreams, fulfill our purpose, or do anything worthwhile then we have to be careful who we listen to.

We have to know that everyone may not see the same dream that we see. They may not get our vision or our plans, but that’s okay.

Redirect them when they speak negatively over you and then limit your time talking to them. It’s hard to stay positive and go toward your dreams if you are constantly hearing negativity.

So, know what you are supposed to do. Get with God and let Him give you the strength and the plan to get it done. Limit your time with negative people.

Keep in mind that if you are going to fulfill God’s plan for your life then you can’t afford to listen to all the negativity.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Listen To Negativity

  1. I love your first sentence. “If we’re not careful people will talk us out of our dreams.” How true that is. And you proceed to impart great wisdom. I found your blog by clicking on the link from Charlotte Johnson’s nomination post and I am so glad I found it.


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