3 Thoughts on Love

1. I’m so glad I never settled for anything in my past. We all have had those relationships that felt right, although they weren’t. Time and time again, women are faced with decisions of being reasonable and understanding that no one is perfect, yet also understanding that there are certain things that we do and don’t deserve. We will never have a perfect relationship, but when it’s right you will feel so content with what you have- despite the imperfections.

2. When people want to change they DO change. You know those relationships where he continues to do the same thing year after year? He messes up, cries, crawls back with endless promises about how he will change; yet he stays the same. When you are in a relationship and your partner needs to change in certain areas he will put forth such effort that you notice his change.

3. Love is tight. Everyone knows that the love is real and no one can interfere with what you have. No secrets, no private conversations, there is nothing that you will do that will form a wedge between you and your love. You respect it and you do what you need to do to preserve and cherish it. True love is tight.

I’m no love expert, I’m just experiencing something that I’ve never experienced before and I’m really enjoying it.

When it comes to love: Don’t settle, do change, and keep it tight. 🙂


4 thoughts on “3 Thoughts on Love

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