What kind of woman are you?

Most of us women have faced the same types of struggles.  Insecurity, depression, loneliness, heartbreak, confusion, are among the common issues.  Although we have many differences, there are also many things that weave us all together.

Over the past few days I’ve had some inspiring conversations that have moved me to break women up into 2 different categories:

1- The kind of woman that’s not sucked up into all the drama.  She’s not perfect, nor does she have a perfect life, but she focuses her energy on what will bring her back better results. She’s progressive, determined, and will not be overtaken by life’s difficulties.

2- This woman is not as focused.  She’s more apt to spend time on things that bring back no fruit.  She gets caught up in drama and even uses her energy on negative, dramatic situations.  She has all of the potential as the previous woman I discussed, but she’s just not using her strengths the way she needs to.

I believe it’s very easy to get caught in a web of negative, draining situations.  Bad relationships, bad decisions, and just plain bad judgment have caused us all some unwanted consequences.  All women have been in tough situations.  But what separates us is how we respond.

We have to stop looking at the next woman thinking “She thinks she’s all that” or “Her life is perfect”.  Instead, we should take a closer look at how she handles her life.  Ask her how she’s made it this far in life, instead.  Figure out how she handles adversity.

We all have tough stuff to overcome, we just have to respond the right way.  Decide today that you will become a woman that avoids drama, moves forward, and uses her energy the right way.  Spend time on things that matter and forget everything else that doesn’t.

As Sojourner Truth was described, we should all aspire to be women of: strength, integrity, poise, and wit.


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