Progress Requires Action

Most people would agree that they’d like to progress in life, but the question is “What are you doing?” We will never see significant progress in our lives without the proper action.

We must decide that we want to progress and then put the effort and action behind it. We have to decide what we want our lives to look like and then put in the action to make it happen.

We don’t grow without action. We don’t achieve goals without action. We don’t get better relationships without action. We don’t get smoother running households without action. You get the point.

So many times people talk way to much about what they want to do. Or, what they are going to do or even should do. They talk about their problems, they talk about what’s going wrong, they talk about how their kids are unruly and rebellious. They talk, talk, talk.

Now, don’t get me wrong we do have to acknowledge our issues. We have to spend some time examining our lives so we can commit to changing them. We just have to make sure we’re not spending too much time talking.

Decide what needs to be done and then put the action behind it. After all, you will never see any significant progress without proper action.

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