Do You Feel God?

The presence of God is all around us. Feeling God is not some mystical, spooky feeling; it’s actually quite simple.

We can feel the presence of God while driving down the highway. You feel at peace and you recognize the beauty in the trees and in the clouds.

You may feel the presence of God upon you while you just admire and recognize the good in someone else. All of us are packed with imperfections, but God allows us to see the good. We’re able to see the good in nature and the good in other people.

I remember when I was first saved I caught myself starting in awe at a squirrel. I just sat and watched it. I remember really appreciating that little squirrel. It was so small and so intentional about what it was doing. I recognized where that little squirrel came from.

Sit and look at the sky. It’s blue, beautiful, and massive. It’s like it never stops. It’s just the sky, but if you just really sit and admire it you will begin to appreciate God for it.

Everything around us can remind us of the presence of God and his creating, amazing abilities. He’s matchless, no one can compare to him, and no one could have created the Earth so perfectly and beautiful- filled with so many things for us to enjoy.

Whatever you’re doing, just slow down and recognize the presence of God.

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