Oh, Just Talk To Them

So often we go without talking to people that mean the world to us.  We think of them and may even smile while reminiscing, but we just don’t talk to them.  Why?

Hurt feelings?  Pride?  Busyness?  Or, just stupid arguments?  A lot of times our relationships dwindle away over trivial matters.

No one is perfect so somewhere down the line our BFF did something to hurt us.  Our your sister said something hurtful.  It’s life.  We’re all imperfect beings so we ALL hurt each other in some kind of way.  No one’s exempt, so the sooner that we become forgiving individuals the happier we will be.

Over the last week I’ve had some meaningful conversations with people that mean that world to me.  I don’t talk to them daily, but it sure felt good to talk to them.  We should all focus on treasuring the jewels in people, without emphasizing their blemishes.

It’s coming close to the end of the year, who do you need to talk to?  You know exactly who it is.  Take the first step and reach out to them.  Just talk to them.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Oh, Just Talk To Them

  1. We need to talk. You mean the world to me and I love you more than you know, probably because I don’t talk to you much. I thought about you this morning when I was looking through my emails and noticed you hadn’t written anything and look at the gift I receive today! Needed this sis, thank you for being you

    P.S. I’m ready to walk when you are!

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