Can I really do that??

“Is that even possible?”  Those were my first words when I read the option of memorizing an 8-10 minute speech for my senior capstone project.

As you know, I’m finishing up college and I have to tackle a major project that will basically end my college career.  I’m considering either conducting new research or memorizing an 8-10 minute speech.

I enjoy research, I’ve been doing it my entire college career; and I love speeches, but I’ve never memorized one.  I’m pretty good at speeches and I do enjoy them but memorizing them just seems frightful.

Even as I write this and consider it more and more,  I have to admit I’m getting kind of excited about it on the inside.  It’s like the difficulty of it is intriguing me.  People have done it before so I know it’s possible.

And now you know what I’m thinking?

If they can do it, then so can I.  Now, I just have to decide if that’s what I want to do.  I’ve made up my mind that I CAN do it, but do I really want to??


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