To Sacrifice Is To Gain

We have to change our thinking around giving up things, going without, or sacrificing. Anytime we give up something or go without a thing we always feel like we’re losing. We feel like we’re missing out or going backwards, but this is not always true.

To sacrifice is to gain. The definition of sacrifice is the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone.

So basically we have to give up something good in order to get something great. We have to let go of something to help others. We have to keep our eye on the bigger picture and not hold so tight to what we have.

As humans we’re naturally selfish creatures and we want it all. But if we are to truly gain we are going to have to let some things go. We have to change our perspective around sacrificing. We should embrace it, actually. We have to really understand how important it truly is.

Consider this: God sacrificed his only son in order to save us! This is the most highest example of sacrifice. And look how much good has come from this one sacrifice!

What about the young mother who sacrifices her wants in order to give her children what they need. Or, the wife who sacrifices her dreams for the moment in order to build her family. Oh, think about the father who sacrifices his time and money in order to provide for his family. All these sacrifices will bring back a much greater reward.

We have to think long-term. We have to grow out of our selfishness.

We have to know that if we really want to be great we will have to sacrifice.

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