Stop Judging!

Today during my quiet time with God He quickly made me aware of something I’ve been doing: JUDGING.

Judging is one of those things that you often do without even realizing you’re doing it. I doubt any of us say “I’m about to judge her.” No, we don’t acknowledge it, but we sure do it well.

Talking too much will lead us to judging. If you talk a lot I’m sure somewhere in your conversations you’ll be judging or speaking negatively of someone else.

Judging makes us feel like we’re practically perfect, while everyone else is so jacked up. Judging is concentrating on someone’s flaws more than their strengths.

Judging is a sin and it definitely displeases God. Judging others will get us judged by God. And judging others will also cause others to judge us. It’s a vicious cycle. We simply have to work on not judging.

Instead of judging, keep this on your mind:

– Don’t judge; we’re all imperfect.
– God judges those who judge.
– God is the only judge.
– I should focus on being more kind, tolerant, and patient. This will lead us all in the right direction.

After you consider that, focus on doing this:

– Speak positively and not negatively. If you are really serious you may even catch yourself speaking negatively, but you can just stop and change directions.
– Pray for people and not talk about them. Of course we may see wrong, but it’s not for us to judge.

One thing I’ve started to do is when I see something that I’d want to judge I’ll just pray “Lord help us all.” That way I’m acknowledging that I also need help myself.


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