LOVE: He lied? Who cares.

Did he lie to you? Cheat on you? Hit you? Hurt you? Take you for granted?? If so, who cares. Yes, it may hurt for a bit but consider this: The hurts help you to appreciate happiness.

Most of us have cried over relationships, but the good thing is that we get over it. We’re strong enough to handle hurts. We’re built for it, actually. And once you get through it you’ll be so thankful for a healthy, honest love when it does come your way.

In every hurt there’s a lesson. We just have to learn, move on, and do better. Yes, we have to make better decisions regarding who we love. We have to better ourselves so we will attract better lovers.

We have to realize that everything can work for our good if we let it. We have to know what we deserve and don’t stop until we get it. We can’t settle for less than what we deserve thinking we’re asking for too much.

Nope, we deserve the best. We should be our very best, give our very best, and then expect for someone else to also give us their very best. It’s possible. We should be happy. We all deserve to be happy.

Who cares the other guy lied to you. He’s only helping you to appreciate the happiness that’s soon coming your way. 🙂


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