Don’t Talk

Sometimes it’s best for us to say nothing. We shouldn’t always speak what’s on our mind, or express our disagreements. There are times when we should just listen, and other times when we should talk.

I’m naturally a talker so this does not always come easy for me, but I do recognize the goodness in not talking all the time. It takes discipline and self-control to stay silent at times! But silence is a sign of wisdom and maturity.

It’s sooo easy to interrupt, say how you feel, or tell others what they should do; but it’s much more difficult to sit, listen, and then talk when the time is right.

Sometimes we need time to get our thoughts together. We need to actually sit and think about what to say BEFORE we say it. Often times if we follow our feelings and speak immediately, we’ll end up saying something counter-productive.

With silence there comes much peace. Solitude brings awareness, understanding, and even the right words to speak.

So the next time you want to interject, stop and think before you speak. Maybe you’ll feel that now’s not the time.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Talk

  1. Well thanks a lot sis….. why can I just say what is on my mind right then and say what I am feeling and how they hurt me…. wisdom is power, love you!

    PS I did get my shoes 🙂


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