I Remember When…

1. I used to love Twista and Do or Die. Rapping to a slow beat has always got me. I was driving my 1990 two-door, red Grand Am when I was jammin to them.

2. I used to roll my 1990 two-door, white Ford Escort. This was my first car. It had 5 percent tint, beats in the trunk, and it was a stick.

3. I was in high school and started working at a call center. I went to school during the day and worked the 3-11 shift. The job was in a neighboring town so I had to drive 20 minutes each way. I was so proud when I saved my first $1,000.

4. I could party all night then still get up and go to work the next day looking like a fresh spring chicken. You would’ve never known. Gots to handle business. 🙂

5. I used to speed all over the place in my Mustang with my beats beating and my 20’s spinning. Doing too much. Way too much. Thank God I made it through.

I put in an old c.d. and it got me reminiscing. It’s funny how music can take you places.


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