My Pregnancy: 3 things I dislike


I’m just starting my 5th month of pregnancy!  Woo Hoo!  And although pregnancy and carrying a baby inside of you is a complete miracle, there are a few small things that I dislike:

1. I don’t like dropping stuff!  It’s such a chore to bend over and pick it up!  You think about it before you bend, and you think about the best way to get it done.  Strategy!  It’s no longer just grab and go, you actually think for a minute “Do I really have to pick this up?”

2. I can’t wear heels!  Well, I see people that do it but I’ve just decided not to.  That’s probably why I’ve been wearing my cute little black wedges so much.  I want to feel secure and stable so I guess the heels will have to go.  Only for a few months.  Duh.  🙂

3. Acne.  Oh my gosh, my skin was terrible when I was pregnant with Maraya.  To the point that when I would go visit my mom she would greet me with “Baby, I got you this cream for your skin.”  Oh ok I get it, I look hideous.  Haha.  Everytime I think about it I laugh. She never told me my skin looked bad, but she always had something new for me to try.  Now that I think about that, I love it.  We should all be more like that.  Less criticizing, more solutions.

Well as you can see I’m getting a tad off track so I’ll stop there.  I felt like writing and I feel better now that I have.  Enjoy your day, it’s time for me and baby to go eat something.  🙂



4 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: 3 things I dislike

    1. Thanks cousin! It is truly a blessing. When I think about the fact of carrying around another human being I simply think about the awesomeness of our God! And I just know that you will be an awesome mother! 🙂


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