“I’m worried, you’re not evolving.”

Ballet,Wash DC 109

My children making mistakes doesn’t scare me.  Them being hurt doesn’t bother me so much, either.  What does bother me is imagining that they stop learning and growing.

When Maraya grows up and goes to live on her on, I won’t be surprised by tears over the phone.  I expect that.  Life hurts sometimes and I pray that I can deposit as much strength into her as possible so she can be somewhat prepared.

What scares me is the thought of her remaining stagnant.  It would frustrate me if I talk to her and not recognize any growth taking place.  I will get mad if she stops having bright ideas or new desires.  It would hurt me to think that my child isn’t continuing to learn and grow.

We should always be evolving.  From month to month we should have new realizations and new understandings.  We should see ourselves a little differently- sometimes better, sometimes worse; but we should be changing!

To evolve means to develop gradually.  We shouldn’t expect overnight success or a transformation in a week, but little by little we should be evolving into a better person.

Are you evolving?

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