Men & Women Are Sooo Different!

I say this, he hears that. He does this, I think he should do that. Goodness, men are women are sooo different! We always say it, but we really have to figure this all out if we want to succeed in our relationships.

I’m learning so much as I go and with each victory that we have we gain a deeper understanding of one another. I’m accepting that no relationship is perfect & I’m sharing a bit of mine so you can accept that too.

There is no way that me and Wes could succeed if it weren’t for Jesus & for open, healthy communication. We don’t always get it right, but I can say we get better as we go. This makes me happy. As you know, I’m a fan of progress.

Apologies are necessary and so is silence. Apologize when wrong and don’t say anything if you don’t feel you are ready to speak effective words.

Real relationships are not easy, but there’s a good feeling that comes after you’ve talked some tough things through.

Now, I’m going to bed in peace. I’ve worked hard today. 🙂


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