Relationships: Singleness is not so bad

If I can be honest, and I will because this is my website, relationships can be torture sometimes. I’ve always said that singleness is more enjoyable, while relationships are more worthwhile.

One of the things about singleness that scares me is being old and alone. I don’t believe that we were designed to be alone, and it scares me to think that I could fall one day and no one would be there to help me.

Personally, I know that when I was in my early 20’s I was nowhere near ready for marriage. Now, I’m almost 30 and closer to marriage and I wonder “Is this what I really want?”

I feel that relationships require BOTH parties to make some adjustments, not just one. I feel that relationships require you to be more sensitive to the needs of your partner, not just doing things as you see fit. I feel that relationships force you to focus on how you can be better for yourself and for your partner. Synchrony and harmony are critically important.

Without these sacrifices and perspective shifters, any relationship is doomed to fail. And if it doesn’t fail, one person may be happy while the other is unhappy and unfulfilled.

This is tough stuff and most people see themselves as being ‘ok’ and ‘right’, while they see the other person’s faults so clear and bright.

I have grown to understand that no one is perfect and therefore no relationship is perfect, but I just feel like some relationships require too much work! How on Earth can we support each other fulfilling our life’s purpose when we don’t even truly put forth effort into fully understanding and meshing with one another?

I’m woman enough to know that I can’t change a person. Only God can do that. I’m also wise enough to know that I typically run when relationships pose difficulties. Right now I’m really seeking balance.

Please know that I’m not bashing anyone, I’m just expressing myself. Maybe someone can relate and not feel alone, or maybe you will just realize that I’m blessed but I sure ain’t living a fairy-tale.



4 thoughts on “Relationships: Singleness is not so bad

  1. Margo…..oh my….ur so right dear…..I ve often cherish my singleness with just one fear too though. …fear of falling and no one to bear my arms….but also there are relationships that heads no where but destruction no matter how hard u try to save or salvage it. I’m in my middle 30s and enjoying my life and success but each time I turn around to allow some closure with a woman, besides several compromise and humility I find myself being dragged down emotionally once the drama starts. While some are minimally dramatic, others are grave dangers and a deep well of regrets. When my bone surely finds its match, I’m sure I will worry less, stress less, love more, sacrifice much more and even give myself over a 100 percent. Thanks again for this piece. I wish you knew the drama I just closed this AM. It’s like you read my mind before writing this. Yes singleness is not that bad if in fact you are going somewhere great with your life. But again when your beautiful or good looking like me, it’s hard for people to really let you be. Thanks for letting me express my mind on your blog. Miss you too. Peace.


  2. AHHHHH!!!!!! You Hit It right on the head of the nail!!!! God Is Sooooo GOD!!!!!! He know what we need just when we need it. I like to look at others and see how “GREAT” they are doing when in reality I do not know have of what is going on with them. Each time you write something it makes me think about ME and what I am doing to influence that situation. Thanks As Always, ❤ You!


    1. I HEAR YOU! Thank you for sharing, you always give me peace about what I write. Even if it’s for one person I’m content. Thank you and I love you. Funny thing is I actually thought of you this morning! 🙂


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