Forget your feelings.. What are you SAYING?

There are times when we all feel frustrated, confused, or even depressed; but those are the times that we should be extra intentional about what comes out of our mouths. Our words go out and go to work so we have to be thoughtful when we send them out.

If I feel down and depressed I will not say “I’m depressed”, instead I say “I’m fighting depression.” If I’m unsure about the future I say “I know either way, I will be good.”

Sometimes our feelings can lead us down the wrong path and dig a deep hole for us to fall in. We can’t let our feelings lead us. We shouldn’t speak out of hopelessness or fear. Even if we feel fear, we should try our very best to speak faith-filled words.

I’m not saying that we ignore the obvious or lie to ourselves. We should most certainly acknowledge how we feel, but we shouldn’t constantly talk about negative feelings. The more we talk about them and acknowledge their presence the more power we give them.

We may feel sad but we don’t need to constantly walk around saying “I’m sad, I’m sad, I’m sad. Look at me, I’m sad.” What’s the point? It’s not productive and it sure won’t make you feel any better.

We should try our best to be productive and progressive no matter what’s going on or what we feel. Don’t ignore your feelings, just watch what you say.

Speak the right words and you and your situation will have no choice but to get better.



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