You never know what you can handle

I’m sitting reading the book of Job this morning thinking about how we gain and lose things in life. We lose jobs, money, relationships, homes, cars, and we even lose people. Some losses we would have never expected.

Sometimes we see others taking losses but we never think for one second that it could be us. But honestly it can. None of us are exempt from hardship.

Think about it, some things we all may have to experience, and if we don’t we should be extremely grateful. There are people who are handling some very tough situations even today.

Think about how we go to the doctor for a routine check-up and they say “Everything is perfect!” Now, think about the people that find out they have incurable illnesses and diseases. That’s tough stuff to handle.

Job lost all his resources, his children, and even his health! He was in some serious pain! Yet, he still honored God. He didn’t become a weakling, crying out blaming anyone in sight. No, he still held onto his faith.

This is a perfect example of a man enduring the most extreme losses and being able to handle it. We never know what we can handle until we’re in the midst of it. Truly, our success depends on our response to the situation.

We should hold onto our faith tighter than anything we own, because faith will be the thing to get us through when nothing or no one else can.

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