Be Thankful for the Bad, Be Humbled by the Good

Everyone of us has faced bad times and we’ve all enjoyed good times, but I don’t think we all ever understand how they should all intertwine.

I’ve faced some pretty extreme circumstances in life. I’ve had enough money to never even think about learning how to budget, and then other times when I’d get depressed by the small amount of my paycheck.

I’ve had men continuously cheat on me, and now I have a man who looks me straight in the face and tells me he would never cheat on me nor leave me.

Today I heard of a pretty tough situation that someone is going through. I didn’t criticize them or even tell them what to do. We prayed and I just thanked The Lord for everything that He’s done and everything He will do.

What I’m realizing is that if we never have the bad, we would never appreciate the good. Some conversations I have with my man make me cry just because he says things that I’ve never heard, and honestly it’s taking him saying it more than a few times for me to believe it!

The point of this post is to encourage us all to: be kind to everyone (we’re all fighting something), don’t run from your bad times, be thankful for your good times, and remain humble through it all.

It will all work together for our good.

With Love,


One thought on “Be Thankful for the Bad, Be Humbled by the Good

  1. You are so right and the bad stuff is there to help us step up into position to accept the good that is coming…it’s crazy when we get stuck in and used to the bad we keep our own selves in one place never gttinger to the position we need to be in for the good….everything happens for a reason……

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