No matter what you gain, You will always lose something

Sometimes in life we think that the more we gain, the better off we are. We seem to think that the more we have, the happier we’ll be. Now, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with gaining, but we must get the proper prospective.

I’m learning that no matter what I gain, I’ll be giving up something. Of course we want the benefits to outweigh the loss, but we must keep in mind that we will lose something.

If we get a husband we will lose some freedoms. And some independence. A husband from God is a beautiful thing, but we must understand that everything won’t remain the same once we get him.

If you get a promotion, yes you will get more money but don’t think for one second that it won’t come with extra responsibility. And more headaches.

Progress in life is a beautiful thing and receiving more can be a true blessing, but we must be sure that we are ready for all the changes that may have to occur. We must understand that we’ll have to give some things up in order to gain some better things.

It’s not always easy, but what is? As you gain things, always ask yourself “Now what must I give up?”

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