QUOTE: How do YOU dress?


I love this quote!  It addresses that how we dress is another way that we display the type of person we are.  We should all be intentional about how we dress ourselves, because the way we dress affects the way people perceive us.

Now, even though Tom Ford is a designer this quote has nothing to do with labels to me.  It’s not necessarily what we wear, but who we are and how we wear it.  I’m not against labels but labels are definitely not everything.  If someone is confident and comfortable with what they’re wearing then they may turn more heads than someone who is laced in Gucci from head to toe.

Just as we use good manners when interacting with others, we should also dress ourselves with good taste.



3 thoughts on “QUOTE: How do YOU dress?

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your words. Yesterday I showed someone I worked with the shoes I showed you this morning, she asked where I got them from and I was almost ashamed to tell her. I purchased them from payless (as if something is wrong with that store). I’ve never been one to wear labels but it goes to show that the way the society is set up you almost feel like if you aren’t wearing labels there is some wrong with you.

    Thanks so much for this post today, I needed it!


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