He Makes Me…

1. Feel blessed. I feel blessed to have him. I often joke and tell him that women would pay good money for him. He’s a man, he’s strong, he’s affectionate, and honest. I have so much confidence in him and in us. I feel better with him; yes I do.

2. Value love more. He reminds me how important love is. With him I think less of money and success, and more of love and things that money can’t buy.

3. Feel content. I tend to always want more, but he’s so content and easy to please. I may feel like achieving this and acquiring that while he feels like we have everything we need with Jesus. He keeps me content and balanced.

4. See myself. He makes me see myself more clearly without pointing his finger at me. He’s patient so he allows me to grow without forcing me to do it right now. He understands me and he accepts me- flaws and all.

5. Appreciate differences. We have much in common, but we also have many differences! He often says things like “I’m glad we’re so different” and in my mind I sometimes think things would be easier if we were more similar. He helps me to understand how differences are good, healthy, and necessary.

I’m so blessed.


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