College Is Not Easy. Or Should I Say Life Is Not Easy?

I just completed an extremely DIFFICULT test. Not only was it difficult, but this test stood between me receiving my bachelor’s in May. So, yes I was under some pressure.

I know I said I completed the test, but let me add that I PASSED! The minimum score was 210 and I received a 221. How do I feel? Relieved and thankful.

I’m thankful because I’ve been in many different situations, based on my decisions. And I’m so thankful to be where I am today, making decisions that are bringing back positive results.

I’m so thankful that I passed. Not everyone passes and I know that I’m not exempt from that, or anything for that matter. I remember when I was younger I used to have this outrageous confidence like I could do anything and wouldn’t fail, but I have grown enough to know that I am capable of failing.

I’m relieved because that test is now behind me. I still have MANY things to do before my graduation application deadline on Monday, but I can now mark this OFF the list.

I’ve now accomplished one more thing that will place me closer to achieving my goal- Having a bachelor’s degree in about 7 months.


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