10 Steps to Success!

I definitely won’t declare to be a complete success, nor will I say I’ve arrived; but what I can say is that I’m more successful today than I was 3 years ago. Plus, I’m a writer and I feel like writing. 🙂

10 things that will help you be more successful:

1. Manage your time. Everyone receives the same amount of time in a day, from the President to the housewife, but we have to be intentional with how we spend our time. Don’t overload your schedule, but handle business and do the most important things first. Prioritize and get things done. If you need a job, it’s not productive to constantly say “I need a job” or “I really want to be working”. Just apply, apply, apply and before you know it you’ll be working.

2. Limit your friends. Choose wisely. This is probably one of the most important. Some people are just draining! We all have those people in our lives that add very little, yet they constantly take from us. They take our time and our energy, and those are the two things that we need most of if we want to be successful. Be wise with who you spend your time with because every single person in our life will either hold us back or push or forward.

3. Read! Learn something, develop yourself, increase your awareness. Read a biography, The Bible, or anything that interests you. Go to the library and browse until you find something that grabs your attention.

4. Attend church. God will grant you wisdom and strength to do what you need to do. He will show you yourself, build your confidence, and give you hope for the future.  Go to church.

5. Set goals for yourself. Sit and envision what you want your life to look like. Don’t hold back because anything is possible, just be prepared to work. Create a dream board so you can envision what you’re working towards. Set goals, stay focused, and get to work.

6. Work! I know I just touched on this but we have to remember that anything worth having will require work. We won’t just stumble across a great life, we have to work for it!  It may take longer than you expect, you may have to work harder than you thought, and at times you may even feel like quitting; but don’t quit! Keep working til’ you get what you want.

7. Practice patience. Be okay when things don’t go your way, expect changes and try not fight them. Learn to wait and prepare yourself while you wait. Don’t get passive. Stay active, but just keep a patient attitude. Everything will work out at the perfect time.

8. Look within. Get to know yourself and accept yourself, flaws and all. Assess your strengths and weaknesses, and make a conscious effort to improve yourself. Don’t stay the same. Look within, grow, and develop. Get deep with yourself.

9. Use your talents. Do what you love to do! No matter what’s going on in your life, you must always take time to put your talents to work! You’re great at something that someone else sucks at. Don’t underestimate your strengths. Put them to work, you never know where they may take you.

10. Improve your character! This is huge. No matter where we go in life, we will need our character to keep us there. We’ve seen story after story of successful people that lose it all due to poor characters. Be kind and generous, be honest, be loyal, just do the right thing!

Become an admirable person that people can look up to! 🙂


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