Women: Are you mediocre??

Today I listened to “No mediocre” by T.I. featuring Iggy and it’s got me thinking… I’m inspired to write!

I’ll add a link to the song so you can listen for yourself. I’ll add the clean version, but if you’re up for it go ahead and listen to the explicit version. Keep in mind it’s rap and it’s T.I.

Anyway, this song got me thinking.. So here are my 10 thoughts:

1. Mediocre women have no manners. They talk loud, disrespectful, and even curse excessively and unnecessarily.

2. Mediocre women club all the time. You’ll probably see them out every weekend. It’s obvious they’re not accomplishing too much in life because you see them too much.

3. Mediocre women are simple. Dull things excite them. Little things are big to them. Their paycheck, hairstyles, and having fun are TOP priorities.

4. Mediocre women have no goals. They may look good but they have no idea where they’re going. Ask them about their 5 year goals and you’ll stump them.

5. Mediocre women talk about men all the time! They always have a new ‘friend’ and they’re quick to show you his picture or his Facebook profile. They talk more about men than ideas.

6. Mediocre women don’t change much. You could go for 6 months without seeing them and they’ll still look and talk the same. They aren’t changing because they aren’t looking within; they’re too busy looking all around.

7. Mediocre women gossip. They know about everyone else’s business, especially celebrities! They spend more time being concerned with everyone else’s lives than they spend progressing their own lives.

8. Mediocre women think small. They don’t think that anything is possible; instead they play it safe. They don’t know who they are so they think and live in a box.

9. Mediocre women run in groups. They feel better when they have groups around them and their friends are mediocre too.

10. Mediocre women are critical of others. On the inside they know they may feel insecure so it makes them feel better to talk negatively about others. They judge often and spend a lot of time talking bad about people. Rarely do they say good things about people.

Now please know that I love women and this is in no way intending to make anyone feel bad about themselves. We all have imperfections but it’s my hope that as women we will ALL begin to do better and be better.

It’s no mediocre Monday. 🙂

Click here to listen to the song.


2 thoughts on “Women: Are you mediocre??

  1. Knowing the woman you are I can see this isn’t intended to talk down on anyone. I was excited to see this. I was happy to be able to take a look at this list and see how much I have grown. I take this as an opportunity to look at myself and make any necessary changes. All glory goes to God because about 6 years ago this would have been me to a “T”. Thanks for posting sis. You Inspire me to write today… Love You!


    1. WOW! You are totally my sister. I needed and I so appreciate your feedback. You said what I needed to hear. I was a little nervous to post this because I wouldn’t want anyone to feel as if I’m talking down on others! There is a delicate balance as a writer of expressing yourself but also being effective and positive. I always want to be an encouragement to others, but I do know that we all need to look within at times. Especially to grow! I’m so proud of you because you are most certainly in a good place. A good friend told me that ‘secure’ women will appreciate it. Thank you, my secure sister. 🙂


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