It’s October! Where’s Your Focus??

Mine is on my career! Last week I decided that this month would be the month of owning my career. I’m in my last year of college, and with only one semester left I know I need to start getting a feel for the field.

Tulsa is full of colleges and universities so I know that I will need much more than a degree. I need to get out there and get to know some people! And yesterday that’s exactly what I did.


I met Brandi who is a community relations manager at a non-profit, and I met Lauren who has been involved in communications for quite some time.

I told Lauren that she reminded me of Alfre Woodard and she quickly told me that she went to school with her at Bishop Kelley High School! How cool!

The event was a luncheon held by the Association of Women in Communications and they were a very professional, welcoming group of women.

I’m looking forward to the month. Next up- PODCASTS. My boss has been raving about them so I’m going to dive in.

Where’s your focus?? 2015 is right around the corner. We have 3 months left to finish out this year strong.

We better get and stay focused.


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