LOVE: 5 Reasons He May Be A Keeper

couple-love-Favim_com-5986431. Everyone likes him.  People initially like him and even when you OBJECTIVELY discuss things with others they are able to understand both sides.  Now, just because everyone likes him doesn’t automatically mean he’s the one; but its definitely something to consider.  Just as if everyone hates him you may need to seriously consider their concerns.  But if everyone likes him that is definitely a plus.

2. He’s patient.  Men tend to be simple, while women tend to be complex.  If he is patient with you while you are ‘complexing’ things then you need to give him points.  Also, is he patient when you want to go shopping or get your nails done?  This can show true concern.  Just like parents are patient with their kids because they truly love them, if he’s patient with you it could be true love.

3. He loves God.  Now, I don’t mean he goes to church or claims to be a Christian; I mean he REALLY loves God.  He encourages you to pray, read your Bible, and he also does the same.  He brings biblical principles up in conversation and has a steady faith in God no matter what’s going on.  Life won’t be easy but strong faith in God will make it a bit easier.  Don’t kick him to the curb so quickly if he truly loves God.  This is the kind of partner that you will need in life.

4. He respects you.  He may not always agree with you or like everything that you do, but he always respects you.  He doesn’t scream or yell when you’re being b****y, and he most definitely doesn’t physically abuse you.  He respects you enough to listen when you’re talking and he also gives you space when you need it.  He opens doors and greets you when you enter his presence.  Respect is a necessity and it’s not something we can afford to overlook when choosing a mate.

5. He’s not perfect.  I know this seems obvious but so many relationships are built on the wrong foundation.  Understand that no one is perfect, including you!  Don’t get all bent out of shape when imperfections start to surface, because they always will.  Remember what attracted you to him in the first place- keep everything in perspective.  Understand that no relationship is perfect and if you leave him you will get with another IMPERFECT being.  Don’t run when the relationship turns into work.

Remember that anything worth having requires work and effort; you just have to decide if it’s worth it.

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