Highly Intelligent & Highly Irresponsible


Yep, that’s me.  Highly intelligent & highly irresponsible.  Extremely smart & extremely stupid.  I know better, but I still do foolish things.  I’m smart, yet I still make stupid mistakes.

Ok, now I’m not going to take all the blame.  We all do it.  We’re all imperfect and we all make decisions then later sit back and think “Why did I do that?”

We aren’t perfect and we never will be.  Life isn’t perfect and it never will be.  No matter how much we grow and learn we will still disappoint ourselves.  And that’s ok.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  We should always strive to do better and we should always learn from our mistakes, but we shouldn’t be so critical on ourselves to expect that we will always do everything right.  That’s stupid.  We’ll always make mistakes.

There are people in prison with law degrees and Ph. D’s.  There are people on death row that were successful business owners and they may have tons of money in the bank.  None of that matters.  Somewhere down the road they did something extremely stupid.

We’re all capable of doing stupid things.  We shouldn’t judge others or become so arrogant to think “Oh, I’m better than that.”  Because honestly anyone put in a particular situation is capable of doing anything.  (Got that from one of my favorite books “Purpose Driven Life”.)

No matter how much we gain or grow we must all remember that we’re still capable of jacking up.  We can’t think too highly of ourselves.

We should pray daily for wisdom and for God to direct us so that we can mess up as little as possible.


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