God’s Way Is Best

There is no way around it- God’s way is best. I’ve personally experienced peace by walking closely with Him, and also chaos from getting off of His plan.

God is like the mother who instinctively protects her babies. Babies are weak, fragile, and unable to fend for themselves.  Although we aren’t babies, we still aren’t capable of living this life without God.

Without God we walk right into disaster; without even noticing it. We engage in unhealthy relationships.  We repeat mistakes.  Honestly, when we get out of God’s will we do stupid things!

God knows what’s best for us. He created us and He knows where we should be heading and what we should be doing in life.  We have to trust Him.  He has supreme wisdom so He will guide us along the paths of righteousness and keep us from hurt or danger.

Sometimes God’s way may seem boring and dull or even lonely, but honestly we should prefer that over chaos and destruction!

The point of this post is to remind us all that God’s way is best. We’ll all make mistakes but the more that we grow in wisdom we should all come to the understanding that we should not even attempt to live and make moves without God.

His obedience requirements may seem hard to live up to but think about how harsh the consequences of disobedience could be. God’s way is best and his rules are only in place to protect us.  We don’t always see it this way but the more we bump our heads the more we should get it-

God’s way is best.

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