5 Thoughts on Relationships

1. Slow is better- don’t rush. It’s so easy to meet someone, begin to date them and assume that they are everything you ever wanted. It could be meant to be, but it’s always wise to take it slow. If you are in the market to marry then you will be with that person for a lifetime- there is no need to rush. Take it slow, enjoy the process, and don’t rush it.

2. Don’t take everything at face value. We meet and see all of their great characteristics. Conversation is great, they go to church, they are serious with you, etc. Don’t get me wrong, all of these are great things but don’t take everything at surface value. As humans we are all multi-layer so it’s important to get to know all the layers.

3. Don’t be pressured. You shouldn’t feel pressured to commit, to say I love you, or even to get married. Pressure may be difficult to spot especially with comments like “Don’t you love me?” It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but you should not be provoked or persuaded to do or say anything in the relationship. It should all be natural with no coercion needed. The pressuring may cause you to do something that you may not fully be ready for.

4. Relationships should be enjoyable! Relationships should not be a hassle or a distraction. Don’t get me wrong, they may require work but you should still enjoy your mate. I’ve been in relationships where I may have been mad at him but deep down I still enjoyed being in his presence. We should enjoy our mate and our relationship. There should be more harmony than discord.

5. Relationships shouldn’t consume us. We should still have time for friends, hobbies, and of course God. Our relationship should not be all-consuming, leaving little time for anything else. We should enjoy being with our mate and also enjoy being apart. Our every move should not have to be with our mate.

Bottom line: take it slow, go deep, don’t be pressured, enjoy it, and also enjoy everything else in your life! Keep it balanced.


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