Shy from the crowds

I can never understand how people are able to keep themselves surrounded by so many people.  I’ve never been a fan of having large crowds around me.  Even in high school I ran with a few and that was it.  That was enough for me.

Too many people around you can cause confusion.  Honestly, it’s too much noise for me- too many opinions, personalities, and conflicting interests.  It’s just not productive.  I’m a fan of keeping a small circle; I don’t like large crowds.

Think about the president.  He serves the entire country but is only close to a few.  He assembles his team with qualified and trusted individuals that he can trust.  He knows he can’t be effective by being close to too many.  More is not always better.

I believe that with success comes a certain amount of solitude.  I’m sure Michael Jordan spent tons of time alone practicing in the gym.  When the crowds came he was prepared.  He didn’t prepare himself with the crowds around him.

The more intentional that I get about my life, the less people that I prefer to be around.  People that are serious about living in purpose and on purpose have to be intentional about their company.  It seems that the more I want to accomplish the less people I’m around.


Nowadays it seems that the majority of people are content with just living for now.  Living for now may allow you to enjoy today, but what about tomorrow?  Tomorrow will always come and I want my tomorrows to be much better than my todays.

Now don’t get me wrong I truly love spending time with people, but I’m learning that we must be wise when choosing our relationships & we must be wise in the amount of time that we spend with the crowds.

This may be a bold statement but I believe the more time we’re with the crowds the less time we’re spending time doing things that truly matter.

Think about it.  Shy from the crowds sometimes.

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