Monday is NEW!

Don’t we all like NEW things?  We enjoy NEW clothes, NEW movies, NEW music, NEW foods, and NEW relationships. 

Why is it that we can’t stand Monday?  Monday is the start of something NEW!

I always say that I appreciate life being broken down into days.  It’s like we get a new opportunity to try again every 24 hours.  I try to make it a point to clear myself each night so that I’m not carrying grudges or failures with me into the NEW day.

We should appreciate each and every day so that means we must appreciate Monday.  Monday is the start of something NEW: a NEW week!  We now have a full 7 days to do what we want, we are in control of what we accomplish this week.

So, instead of dreading Monday or feeling like “Here we go again”, remind yourself that you are blessed with the freshness and NEWNESS of a NEW day- a NEW week.

What do you want to accomplish this week?  There are NEW opportunities, NEW goals, NEW accomplishments, NEW relationships, NEW things to learn, and NEW conversations to have!  Get out of the routine and decide that this week will be good and NEW!

Make this Monday count!  It’s brand NEW!  🙂


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