What are you doing?

Are you using today to make your tomorrow better? Sometimes we forget that if we want to make it to step 2 we must successfully complete step 1. There is no way around it.

School just started and I had to remind myself that if I do decide on law school then I must be successful in my current classes. I must practice good study habits; I have to keep a high G.P.A. If I don’t do those things then I may as well forget about law school.

My daughter just started a new grade and I haven’t yet got her on an orderly schedule. I have to remind myself of how I want to raise her. Order is important because I know for a fact than an orderly lifestyle is a successful lifestyle. A 3rd grader with good study habits will equate to a 6th grader, a 10th grader, and a college student with good study habits.

I have been known to be too serious and honestly I’m okay with that. I’m not one that’s content with living an average, ordinary life. I want to leave my mark and I also want my daughter to leave her mark, and I know that will only happen with discipline and order. This requires seriousness.

What we want out of life will determine how we live our life. If you don’t even plan for tomorrow then most likely you will just deal with today as it comes. I don’t want to live a ‘just make it through the day’ life. I want to live an extraordinary life. I want to live a life that gives hope and encouragement. I want to live a life that is a positive example to others.

In order for me to live a life worth living I must be intentional about how I spend my day. I have to be sure that what I’m doing is beneficial and will bring good fruit into my life. We should all live intentional lives. Time is something that we can never get back so we must use it wisely.

So, I ask again “What are you doing?” Make it count.

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