God Gives Things

As we continue to grow in God, He moves us closer to our dreams. At one point our dreams may seem way far out, but then before we know it we’re right in the vicinity.

God is truly the key to gaining everything we want. At 20 we may long for a good husband, but we are probably too spoiled, selfish, and self-centered to even be able to handle him!

God is so amazing because He not only gives us the right dreams, but He also prepares us for them. We’re not always ready for what we really want. Sometimes we may want something but because we’re not yet prepared for it we may attract the total opposite.

That’s why it’s so important for us to stay locked into God. He will prepare us and gives us good things when the time is right. He will ensure that we don’t sabotage ourselves. Have you ever seen someone receive something that they truly weren’t ready for? Most of the time they self-destruct.

It’s never a good thing to receive good things too soon. It’s extremely important for us to develop ourselves. We must be mature and responsible to handle good things. God longs to give us things, but we must be ready.

So, don’t grow weary if you aren’t reaching your dreams or receiving what you’re praying for. Stay faithful and know that God is the giver of good things. Just continue to prepare yourself so you’ll be ready when it comes.

Before you know it you’ll be looking those good things right in the face. And you’ll be extremely thankful because you know you put in the work.


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